Tevet ltd. is a leading Occupational Health and Environmental company based in Israel.

The company was founded in 1991 by skilled professionals who specialized in the field of Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Protection for more than 20 years.

Tevet Company activities range composed of measurements, surveys, monitoring, hazards analysis and recommendations for solutions with practical implementations in the occupational health and environmental protection field.

The company has all the required permits and licenses allowing it to work in all the above fields at the state of Israel. Tevet ltd is an ISO / IEC 17025 certified since 01/2009

Tevet provides services to a vast number of major companies - among them are the Israeli Electric Company, Major Medical care facilities & Hospitals, High-Tech and Biotech companies, Airline companies, Universities, Metal industries, Private industries and many others.

The company acts both as a service provider in those fields and as an exclusive distributor for leading companies in our range of expertise for the Israeli market.

Occupational Health and Environmental Services

Measurements, monitoring, hazards analysis, solutions testing and implantation in the field of occupational hazards and for the environment.
Hazardous substances and gases
Measurements of chemical hazardous substances and hazards analysis of workers exposure.
Practical advising and guidance for technical solutions to minimize the workers’ exposure.


Exposure evaluations for occupational and environmental noise.
Noise measurements and forecasting calculations.
Acoustical planning and advising for noise prevention in existing and planned work places.


Ionizing Radiation and work places inspections.
Measuring & advising in the field of Industrial and Medical X-Rays & radionuclides sources.
Measuring & advising in the field of Non-Ionizing radiations: ELF, RF, MW, UV. Radon Gas Testing.


Measurements of gas concentrations: CO2 and CO – Spot and continuous measurements.
Testing the structure's micro-climate. Determination of the “Comfort Index” (including
temperature and relative humidity) - continuous measurements.
Ventilation conditions - fresh air quantities per person - specific continuous measurements.
Measurements of suspended particulate matter (dust) in two main fractions PM10 and PM2.5 - continuous measurements.
Measurements of tVOC – total Volatile Organic Vapors
Measurements of formaldehyde.
Mold Sampling & analysis
Measurements of illumination in buildings.

Occupational Health and Environmental Equipment


MonitEM - Continuous EMF monitoring
SMP2 – Portable EMF meter
Field Probe WP50I - 10Hz-3kHz
Field Probe WP400 - 1Hz-400kHz
Field Probe WPF3 - 100kHz-3GHz
Field Probe WPF8 - 100kHz-8GHz
Field Probe WPF18 - 300kHz-18GHz
Field Probe WPF40 - 1MHz-40GHz
Field probe WPF60 - 1 MHz - 60 GHz
MapEM - Electromagnetic maps
WaveMon RF-8 - Personal EMF Monitor
WaveMon RF-40 - Personal EMF Monitor
WaveMon LF-400 - Personal EMF Monitor


Apex2 – Personal sampling pump
dBadge2 – Noise Dosimeter
62x - Occupational sound level meter
63x - Environmental sound level meter
Microdust Pro – Real Time Dust Monitor
VApex – Personal LF sampling pumps


Pressure measuring instruments – S2600
Pressure measuring instruments – ST S4600
Flue gas analyzer instruments – EUROLYZER STx
Flue gas analyzer instruments – MULTILYZER STx
Flue gas analyzer instruments – BLUELYZER STx
FlowTemp ST



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